Best Kodi Addons (June 2019) – Updated List that Really Works


    Here in this article, we have compiled a list of the best Kodi addons for June 2019 that you can install and enjoy a quality viewing experience. Kodi at its core is a home theater software and is considered the best of its kind and it has good reasons for that. When it comes to home theatre software, Kodi is not just a simple media player but so much more. Consider it as your personalized media center where you can store a variety of content.

    Please note: For a better quality viewing experience, We recommend to use Real Debrid on Kodi. It will help you to get more streaming sources with high-quality options and also it will dramatically reduce buffering time. However, If you are using Kodi IPTV, you may not need RD there.

    With simple design and easy site navigation Kodi is a very intuitive software. To top it, you can also refurbish the look of the default user interface as per your preference. Kodi gives you full freedom of customization and it offers a wide collection of customizable skins that you can use to change your Kodi’s appearance and this incredible range of skins are available for free! Kodi is also featured on the list of Best Firestick Apps along with Cyberflix TV and Cinema APK which are the latest top Movies and TV Shows apps.

    Best Kodi Addons 2018 that Really Works

    Kodi also has the power of expanding its capabilities to add new contents to your collection. This has been made possible with the extensive range of Kodi addons that are available for download. You can install any number of addons from the internet according to your usability and many developers have their own repository of Kodi addons.

    Best Kodi Addons June 2019

    Choosing Kodi addons may seem overwhelming considering the vast number of addons that are available out there and even difficult is finding a completely functional addon. Kodi addons are not always completely stable and run the risk of being taken down if they face any legal issues. This happened with popular addons like Neptune Rising, Placenta and Uranus etc. Unfortunately, These addons has been officially shut down, but the good news is there are several functioning addons available in almost every category possible.

    With the plethora of addons available in the market, finding a fully functional and satisfactory addon is quite a task. But to make it easier for you, we have shortlisted the best-functioning Kodi addons for 2019. 

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    Exodus Redux

    Released a few weeks ago, Exodus Redux spreading like fire among Kodi users. Exodus Redux is the latest new fork addon from an unknown brave developer. It is working absolutely great and without any doubt, we can say it is the current top addon. Popular Lambdascraper has been used in the development of the addon and currently, it is scraping great amount of quality link. In the end, Exodus Redux should end your search as quality and stable addon.

    How to Install Exodus Redux on Kodi

    Exodus 8.0

    If you are a movie and TV buff like us, Exodus is a great choice for you. Even though this app was officially abandoned it is back in the market once again and has been picked up by a developer known as Kodi Bae. The default interface is still the same as the previous version.

    Abundant movie options are available with Exodus and new and latest movies are always available for streaming. This incredible Kodi Krypton addon boasts of an extensive media which is continually updated and neatly organized in categories. The filters and search functionalities along with genre division of media, it becomes easier for the users to locate their content, you can even search for contents using the name of cast members.

    Exodus one of the Best Addons for Kodi

    Another key feature of this addon is Trakt integration allowing you to keep track of the shows that you stream. Exodus also has supports for AllDebrid, Real Debrid, IMDB and shows from popular sources like Netflix, Hulu, STAR, and HBO.

    With so many impressive features you are surely going to enjoy this Kodi addon and it is certainly one of the top Kodi addons available at this moment.

    Install Exodus on Kodi


    Yoda has been in talks among Kodi community since last one month due to some solid improvement on the addon. Significant changes from the backend put Yoda ahead than many popular biggies in the list of Best Addons for Kodi. Popular fork addon offers a great number of source links to choose.

    With the latest update, Many changes have been noticed on the addon especially on the quality area. You may see more HD and 4K links with the latest update. If you have Real Debrid account, Integrate it and probably you may don’t need anything else.

    Yoda Kodi – How to Install Latest Yoda Kodi Addon

    The Magic Dragon

    The Magic Dragon is one of the newly released Kodi addons but it has shown promising service compared to other addons. Magic Dragon hosts multiple categories of content from movies to TV shows and sports and radio channels etc.

    The addon scrapes media from third-party sources which mean there will always be new links added to the already vast library and users will never run out of viewable content.

    How to Install The Magic Dragon Kodi Addon 2018

    Available from Supremacy repository, this addon has a sleek site design with easy to manage navigation and properly arranged categories making your video search easier.

    This all-in-all addon is undoubtedly one of the best Kodi addons and a one-stop destination for a variety of content in a single platform.

    How to Install The Magic Dragon on Kodi


    This is a somewhat new Kodi add-on that outperforms the typical add-on that many users are used to. It offers extensive torrent streams, a unique user interface, and many more. If you are new to torrent streaming, Destiny add-on is the best way to get links of the best quality on your device. This is because the file will begin to download even before it begins to stream/play, thereby preventing any form of buffering while torrent streaming.

    With Destiny Add-on, you can get access to a wide variety of content, including movies and TV shows across different genres and age ratings. Destiny also has the M3U8 option, which is an impressive feature for live television.

    Install Destiny Kodi Addon


    When this add-on was introduced to the Kodi world, it made a pretty delightful impression, and its newness does not in any way impact its wide acceptance due to its numerous potentials. It is still in its development stages, but the work being done shows how much promise this add-on holds.

    Currently, Seren does not offer free streaming links. You have to configure it with either of the two premium hosters – Premiumize or Real Debrid. Real Debrid, of course, is the favorite for many people, and this is well-deserved because of its excellent performance and better service delivery.

    Since Seren uses only premium links at the moment, you enjoy better playback. Your streams are loaded in a timely fashion, they play quickly, and you have so many options to stream in HD. With the continuous updates and modifications happening with Seren add-on, it may offer free streams soon, but even with the premium links, the add-on is awesome and sits comfortably on our list. Think about the fact that you do not have to sort through a lot of bad links before finding a link that works.

    Install Seren Kodi Addon

    Gen X

    Gen-X add-on is an impressive offering from MaverickTV Repo, which is a reputable and well-known name in the Kodi world. MaverickTV is known for its feature-rich and impressive products, and Gen-X is one of them. Gen-X add-on delivers a wide array of IPTV and on-demand content. It allows you to access a large database of documentaries, shows, movies, kids content, etc.

    You can also watch live sports shows and shows on popular TV channels with Gen-X add-on. With Gen-X add-on, you also get access to stream live concerts, radio shows, YouTube videos, and music. Gen-X is somewhat a complete package of Kodi add-on, and when you take things a notch-further by pairing it with Real-Debrid, you gain an even more special access to stream videos in a higher quality of up to 4K resolution.

    Install Gen X Kodi Addon

    Monster Munch

    This is another Kodi add-on that offers so much in a single add-on. Created by Steptoes Repository with its latest update, version 3.9 recently released, Monster Munch has satisfactorily cemented its place in our top five list of best Kodi add-ons. It offers you a platform where you can watch a wide variety of content ranging from Documentaries, TV shows, Music, Stand-up comedy shows, and many more.

    Every category of content on Monster Munch add-on is made up of content in high-quality streaming options, including 1080p and 4K. For even better streams, you can integrate Monster Munch with Real Debrid.

    One great feature that makes this Kodi Addon qualify to be in this list is that it chooses and streams from the best link available on its own automatically. The most recent upgrade of Monster Munch is also quite impressive.

    Install Monster Munch Kodi Addon

    13 Clowns

    The latest released addon has put the users in surprise with all new interface and collection. 13 Clowns has an extensive streaming library which is available on HD, 720p and 4K Sources. With access to Real Debrid, You will easily unlock more such providers. Unlike fork addons, here you will see some changes in the categories as well.

    13 Clowns Video addon has been maintaining well by their developers and so with regular updates, you can expect something better from the addon. If we talk about Movies and TV Shows, various providers are available for veteran shows to recently released. So in the end, what all we can say is give it one chance to this popular addon.

    13 Clowns – Installation guide


    Voodoo is an add-on for Kodi which can be gotten only from outside sources, meaning it is not an official add-on and cannot be found in Kodi Add-on Repository. The Hell Hound add-on can be found in the Golden Gun Repository, and it comes fully packed with interesting features. With this Kodi add-on, you will get a whole lot of high-quality streaming links at your disposal.

    What makes Voodoo stand out from other add-ons is that it fetches streaming links using Open Scrappers. Another feature is the fact that you can synchronize your Real Debrid and Trakt accounts to get even more entertainment options. Some of the categories of video contents to watch on Voodoo include TV Shows, Voodoo IPTV, All For Kids, Movies, Movie-TV 24/7, Anime, with Search & Settings options.

    Voodoo is for everyone including kids, but it is mainly for streaming movies and TV shows. It features Ghost IPTV and Live TV channels from many countries around the globe including the US and UK. There is also anime adult for grownups and streams are 1080p in resolution.

    Install Voodoo Kodi Addon

    Scrubs V2

    If you are looking for an on-demand Kodi add-on that can deliver the content of your choice whenever you want, Scrubs is the Kodi add-on that you are looking for. It is fairly new, but it is making a profound statement that it is here to stay through its impressive offerings. It was developed off of the popular Exodus add-on; thus, it is similar to its predecessors in a lot of ways, including both function and appearance.

    Scrubs Kodi Addon contains an extensive media library which gives you access to a lot of content across different categories. You can find virtually any TV show or movie of your choice on this add-on. The developers have also ensured a regular update of the library so that all of your favorite shows and movies are updated immediately there is a new episode or release.

    Similar to a lot of Kodi add-ons, Scrubs does not host its own content. It works as an aggregator that pulls content from different sources so you can watch them whenever you want. It is an effective add-on that provides high-quality working streams for any video or content that you request for. Scrubs has performed exceedingly well so far for a fairly new add-on.

    Scrubs V2 Kodi Addon

    Maverick TV

    When looking for the best Kodi addons, Maverick TV is another bright choice. Currently available from the Maverick repository, this addon lets you stream movies, TV shows, sports and even Live TV.

    It is an excellent source to find a variety of content, no matter what you are looking for Maverick TV will provide the content to you. There are more than 20 categories of viewable content available with some rare finds that you won’t find anywhere else.

    The addon is well maintained by the developers and even though it is a third party addon, it is safe to use. If you want to have access to an endless media library that you can play any time then Maverick TV is the right addon for you.

    How to Install Maverick TV on Kodi


    Yet another powerful Kodi addon, Gaia is perfect for streaming movies and TV shows. It is a fork of the original Bubbles addon and currently available from Gaia repository. The addon supports an extremely vast media library with sections divided into Movies, TV shows, Documentaries, Kids, Shorts and Tools making your content search easier.

    The addon has been under constant upgrading since the past several months to offer users with the best possible performance. It comes packed with some great features like Real-Debrid and Premiumize integration for those who use these accounts. Additionally, it has full support for Trakt TV so that keeping tab of what you watch is no longer an issue.

    Gaia Kodi Addon For TV Shows

    Gaia extends full customization capabilities starting from the layout to features to audio and video quality everything can be customized according to users’ preference.

    With the latest update and bug fixes this addon is running supremely fast and in terms of services and customizations, there is no another addon like Gaia.

    Gaia Kodi installation guide

    Movie Theater Butter

    Fork of Exodus addon, Movie Theater Butter is a video addon from the Diamond Wizard Repository. The app boasts of having excellent scrapers and the one-click functionality which means instead of looking for streaming sources when you click on any particular content, the addon automatically gathers the best content available and stream it for you.

    The site layout and sections are similar to that of Exodus and this addon has options for Real-Debrid and Trakt integration for users who prefer to use these services.

    So with this addon, the only thing you have to do is a search for the content you want to stream and click on it and there you are done! Movie Theater Butter will take care of the rest.

    Install Movie Theater Butter on Kodi


    Covenant has presumably been the best Kodi addon since a long time now. Long-term Kodi users will vouch for this fact. After being shut down this popular addon is again back in the market and is completely functional with a vast collection of movies and TV shows.

    The user interface is so easy to handle and you can navigate around the addon effortlessly to look for your favorite content. Numerous categories and sub-categories along with the sorting and filtering features make it absolutely simple to find a video.

    Covenant Best Kodi Addons for Movies

    It has integration with, a very useful feature for the users as they can import the shows they would like to watch without any trouble. The media library is under constant expansion with benefaction from various contributors.

    Covenant is currently available from Kodil repository and with so many attractive features and the massive media library, Covenant is definitely the Holy Grail of Kodi addons.

    Install Covenant Kodi from here


    When we talk about video and movie streaming, an addon like Supremacy is a decent choice. The addon features a vast multitude of movies TV shows, Sports replays, 3D films, Live TV, documentaries and much more. 

    Supremacy Best Working Kodi Addon

    This addon is not any fork of other popular addons which means it is not built upon any defunct addon which adds a freshness to it.

    Similar to Movie Theater Butter, this addon too has an auto-play feature with which you can enjoy streaming back to back videos. With such a vast selection of media that features an extensive catalog of HD streaming links, entertainment is what you can expect when it comes to Supremacy addon.

    Install Supremacy Kodi Addon


    DeathStar currently available from Ukodi1 and Team DNA repositories is a collaboration of many popular addons in one place and consequently, it has a lot to offer to its users.

    The popular addon is a combination of more than 30 Kodi addons and has everything each of the addons has to offer in one single place and hence features a massive media library.

    This addon boasts of a huge media collection divided neatly into multiple sub-categories so that you can easily look up for your choice of content. The addon also has options for Real-Debrid and Trakt integration and pairing functionalities with other paid websites.

    With the compilation of so many individual addons, the amazing Deathstar Kodi addon is a unique addon which defines a benchmark in creativity.

    Installation Guide – DeathStar Kodi Addon


    Mobdro is another great addon for Kodi platform. Many of the users are already familiar with Mobdro App as there is an apk format available on the market. Also, many individuals use this application as a streaming service on their Android smartphones.

    The Mobdro addon too offers a huge collection of content making it a popular form of entertainment among Kodi users. There are sections for movies, TV shows, documentaries, and sports etc. it also gives users access to music video content.

    Mobdro Kodi Addon for Live TV

    Mobdro has also been a famous source for providing IPTV channels. The addon searches the internet for active IPTV live streaming links and showcases them in the Kodi interface for you to enjoy the streaming at the comfort of your home.

    Unlike the Android version, the addon does not show any annoying ads to disturb your streaming and thus offering a relaxing streaming experience. Head to Mr Free World Repository or below guide to get Mobdro on your Kodi today.

    Installation Guide – Mobdro For Kodi

    At the Flix

    This is another all-in-one Kodi addon from the Maverick repository. At the Flix is a culmination of all the streaming options available on other addons allowing users to stream content any way they want.

    The addon has undergone many upgrades since its launch and many features have been rearranged to provide the best service to the users. The app has Trakt integration to allow smoother media management and it showcases various content sections and even lets users stream Live TV.

    With At the Flix, you can either choose your own source to stream media content or use the direct links hosted on the site or you can also use Openload Movies which is one of the most popular free file hosting service on the internet that you can pair with your home network to stream content.

    Different users prefer different streaming methods but whatever your choice be At the Flix has it all for you!

    Install At The Flix Kodi Addon from here

    What’s Next

    The bottom line is, there is a multitude of Kodi addons available for Kodi users but finding a fully functional and feature enriched add-on is quite a task. To help sort this problem, this article provides a list of the best addons for Kodi that ensures optimum entertainment. We continuously update this list so you can come back here from time to time to know about the latest addons for Kodi platform. Please do not to forgot to share your working addons list so we can share it with other users.

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    1. Well, here Yoda works great, incursion and covenant still work but are no longer updated for a long time, movie theater butter still working and up to date, mobdro also working.

    2. Excellent selection of working addons. Only modbro i have problems with. Film emporium and Tempest are 2 more great working addons. Thanks for your time and effort. 👍


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