Cyberflix TV 3.3.0 APK Download For Android & Firestick


If you want top-notch entertainment content available all round the clock, Cyberflix TV is the way to go. There are days in our lives that are just so tiring and we just want to take a break from everything and relax while watching an excellent movie. Most of the time, you would not be able to do this because you are far away from your TV at home and you do not have any other means of watching.

Worry no more because with you having the Cyberflix app installed on your own Smartphone, you can carry around your own unlimited entertainment source. Cyberflix TV provides you with quality content and videos of the highest quality. Believe me, the app is growing really fast and it is gaining a lot of audiences each passing day.

Even though at the moment, there are a lot of apps for video streaming available around, the Cyberflix TV app still stands a shoulder above the rest in terms of the very unique features it possesses and the unmatchable movie collection that it has. It is impossible to find any other app for video streaming that comes even close to Cyberflix TV app.

The popular app offers a variety of quality content that cannot be gotten elsewhere. What type of movie do you want that you cannot find on the Cyberflix TV app? All movies ranging from drama to action, including all the different TV shows and movies from a variety of genres all around the world, are available on the Cyberflix TV app. You can install the latest Cyberflix app using Filelinked as well if you are using it.

Cyberflix TV Features

We have said that Cyberflix TV is one of the best Jailbroken Firestick apps for video streaming and it is far better than other apps and platforms for video streaming. However, it is very important that we point out the features that make Cyberflix TV a lot better than other apps for streaming for the sake of clarity.

Cyberflix TV For Android

  • With Cyberflix, you can select from a list of TV shows, movies and other different video contents which might be hard to find on any other app or platform. In fact, new contents get added to the app every day. This is so that there would not be a need for you to spend hours surfing the web before you get new movies and your favorite movies.
  • Cyberflix TV has a dedicated section for subtitles with a lot of languages. This helps in watching your favorite TV shows and movies from any region of the world.
  • The TV shows and movies on Cyberflix TV are of HD quality. It is even possible for you to adjust or change the video quality of a video if your internet connection isn’t stable.
  • Cyberflix TV makes it possible for you to just directly download content from the app.

More Features

  • Interruptions from Ads are totally out of the game with Cyberflix as the app is totally ad-free and you can enjoy your watching experience without any distractions.
  • The developers of the Cyberflix app made the user interface very lovely while the app is also a very simple one that will not take a lot of your storage.
  • Want to find out about the new releases? Cyberflix has a dedicated section to check out new releases and the app notifies you if there is an episode that is new or a content that is similar to those you watch uploaded.
  • The app also comes with an in-built media player that is great and allows you to play different videos from varying media players.
  • All of the great features that it offers are totally free. There is no need to even sign up or register on the app as well.

All of the features discussed above are just some of the many wonderful features which the Cyberflix TV app offers.

Legal Notice: We ( are strongly against content piracy, and we implore our readers to avoid it by all means.
Attention FireStick Users: Read before you continue

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APK Download (2020)

Name: Cyberflix TV
Category: Movies & TV Shows
App Version 3.3.0
App Size 17.3 MB
License Type Free
CyberFlix Password 1112
Download Link Cyberflix TV APK

How to Install Cyberflix TV on Android

If you don’t know, Cyberflix is not available on Google Play store hence we will need to download it from other sources. Don’t worry, We host it so don’t be panic. But before that, we’ll have to allow Android to process third-party app for installation. To do this,

  • Go to Setting >>> Security >>> Unknown Sources. Turn it On.
  • The first thing is for you to get the APK file of the Cyberflix TV downloaded and this can be done through the link that is given in the above box.
  • Once you have Cyberflix APK successfully downloaded, Navigate to the folder where your device usually stores downloaded file. You will find APK file there, Click on it to go ahead for installation.
  • Now you will see Setup Wizard on Screen. Click on install and it will install the app on your Android device.
  • Wait for a couple of seconds and Click on Done
  • You will see Cyberflix TV installed on your device.
  • Launch it, Follow some on-screen instructions which should be some basic permission and you are good to go now. Enjoy!

How to Install Cyberflix TV on Firestick TV

To install Cyberflix TV on Firestick TV, We’ll use the Downloader app. Before we do that, We’ll have to enable Unknown sources to install the third-party apps since the app is not available on the official Amazon store.

  • Launch Firestick Home Screen. From Top menu, Click on Settings
  • Scroll the menu and you will find My Fire TV or Device option. Click on it.

Click My Fire TV option

  • Now select Developers options.

Select Developers Option

  • You will see Apps from Unknown Sources option here. Turn it ON.

Apps from Unknown Sources option

  • You will see a warning prompted on screen. Ignore it and Click on Turn On

Turn on the option

  • Click on Search from the top left menu bar
  • In the search bar, Type Downloader and search it.

Type Downloader

  • Out of the list of resulting applications, pick Downloader app with a download arrow and icon that is orange colored.

Click Downloader app

  • In the very next screen, You will see the download option. Click on it and download and Installation process will start automatically.

Click Download to install downloader app

  • Once after the installation, Launch the application and grant the require Permissions.
  • On the Home screen of the app, you will see the URL box. Click on it and Enter the exact following URL: and then hit Go button

Type Cyberflix APK Download URL

  • Cyberflix TV APK will start to download from our server and installation will prompt on the screen upon successful download. Click on Install

Cyberflix TV APK Download

  • Wait for the few seconds to finish the installation process.
  • Select Done

Cyberflix TV App Download for Android and Firestick

Finishing the Install

  • You will be asked to choose an option whether you want to Keep or Remove Cyberflix TV APK file from your Firestick device. Since we have Cyberflix installed now, We no longer need the APK file.
  • Click on Delete.
  • Again click on Delete to confirm the action.
  • Now we are done with all process. To access Cyberflix TV, Long press Home Button, Select Apps, and You will find Cyberflix listed along with other apps.

Cyberflix TV Download

How to Set MX Player as Default Player in Cyberflix TV

Most of the time, the CyberPlay video player does not stream content; and for you to be able to stream content, you will need an external video player such as MX Player to stream content smoothly. By following the steps below, MX Player will be set as your default media player.

#1: Launch CyberFlix and click on “Settings.”

#2: Select “Default Video Player” when you scroll down.

#3: Click on MX Player.

The next time you stream using CyberFlix, your default media player will be MX Player.

How to Integrate Real Debrid with Cyberflix TV

If you would like to get more streaming links, Real-Debrid is in the best position to deliver those high-quality streaming links. These links deliver better playback and are less likely to buffer. The steps we have highlighted below will show you how to integrate this service with your CyberFlix application.

You should also make sure your VPN is disconnected before applying the steps below. Once you have successfully set things up, you can then turn your VPN service back on.

  • If you do not already have one, sign up for a Real-Debrid account.
  • Launch CyberFlix and click on the three horizontal lines at the top left corner to access the “Settings” menu.
  • Click on “Settings” and click on “Login to Real-Debrid.” (Sign Up from here if you haven’t done yet)
  • A code will be displayed on the screen; copy it somewhere or memorize it.
  • Launch your internet browser and log on to Enter the code you copied in STEP 4 above.
  • Click on “Continue.”
  • You will receive notification prompts on both your browser and on your CyberFlix app of a successful authorization.

After completing all these steps, subsequently, whenever you are streaming videos, you will always get additional sources which are highlighted in purple font and the abbreviation, “Deb” attached to them. These sources deliver video playback without buffering.

How to Set Up Subtitles

Watching videos with subtitles adds to the fun because you will be able to get every dialogue, catchy phrases and one-liners. It even gets better if you are watching content in a foreign language. MX Player is known to be an excellent app for subtitles, but if you want to have subtitles in your CyberFlix app, there are steps to ensure easy setup. They are highlighted below;

  • Play the content that you would like to watch (movies or TV shows). Select one of the links you get.
  • Click on “Play with Subtitles.”
  • Select the subtitle source that has the highest number of downloads.
  • Subtitles will be added, and you can start enjoying your content with subtitles.

If the subtitle you added is not matching the video, try other sources until you find one that works.

How to Integrate Trakt.TV with Cyberflix TV

By integrating Cyberflix with, you can synchronize your favorite movies and TV shows across various platforms so that you can watch on the go anywhere and anytime. The steps to integrate Cyberflix with Trakt are listed below:

  • Go to “Settings.”
  • Click on “Log in to
  • You will get a pop-up code on the screen; copy it somewhere or memorize it.
  • Log on to on your browser.
  • Enter the code you got in Step 3 and click on “Yes.”

You have successfully integrated your Cyberflix app with Trakt, and an authorization message will be displayed on your browser and streaming device.


1. Is Cyberflix TV Safe?

Yes, it is safe. Using VPN with Cyberflix would be a great step for your privacy and security.

2. Is Cyberflix TV legal?

Yes, It is legal until you are not watching pirated content.

3. How Do I Download Cyberflix APK?

Well, It is very easy. Just navigate to download box which you will find above in this post, Click on the download link, and follow steps to install it on Android & Firestick.

4. Is Cyberflix TV available for PC?

No, There is no official version available for PC Windows device however you can use it on PC using any popular Android Emulator.

5. How Do I Install Cyberflix on my Smart TV?

It is pretty easy. Download ES File Explorer on your smart TV. Go to Tools >> Download Manager >> New and enter the following path: Click on Download Now. Once it is downloaded, Follow the on-screen instruction to install it on your Smart TV.

6. Is Cyberflix TV free?

Yes, Cyberflix TV is completely free to use. However, you might see Ads while using the app.


Like Cinema HD, Cyberflix TV is also one of the top apps for video streaming and you can get TV Shows or Movies that you want on it no matter the age, genre or language. Cyberflix is one app that is free, has great ease of use and gives you entertainment that is nonstop. Discussed here is a step by step approach on how you can install Cyberflix on Android.

The design of the Cyberflix app is such that it is very easy for the users to access the TV’s database and this gives a user interface that is awesome. Cyberflix TV is one platform for video streaming that is going to contribute to you relaxing and also clearing out all of the stress that you might have on your mind with the aid of excellent movies and free entertainment.

Disclaimer: The applications, add-ons or services mentioned on this site are to be used at the discretion of users. We do not verify the legality of these apps, nor do we promote, link to or host streams with copyright protection. We are strongly against content piracy, and we implore our readers to avoid it by all means. Whenever we mention free streaming on our site, we are referring to content without copyright protection that is available to the public.


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