Best Kodi Skins For Firestick and Leia 18 – July 2019


Hey guys, today we are going to talk about Best Kodi Skins for Firestick and Leia. We all very well know that Kodi is the best source to watch online movies and TV Shows but what makes Kodi different than other apps? I know there are too many things but I believe that the flexibility of Kodi is one of the main factors for huge popularity.

Kodi allows you to customize app as you want and what makes this possible is awesome skin collection of Kodi. We all have used many skins for our Kodi and after using it for some time, we want to replace it with the new one.

Below we have listed some popular and catchy skins for latest Kodi Leia with their download link. You’ll get some information about skins as well so you can easily choose as per your need and device’s requirements.

13 Best Kodi Skins For Firestick and Leia – July 2019

  1. Unity  [Firestick]
  2. Mimic
  3. Aeon Nox   [Firestick]
  4. Pellucid
  5. Black Glass Nova [Firestick]
  6. Nebula  [Firestick]
  7. Confluence
  8. Amber
  9. Chroma   [Firestick]
  10. Titan  [Firestick]
  11. Bello 6  
  12. Horizon
  13. Grid

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1. Unity :

Unity - One of Best Kodi Skins 2018

I really loved the Unity skin since it has a great combination of a minimal look with really good customization options. Unity is an adaptation of Confluence based on a material design. Skin comes with lightweight so you can use this on firestick as well.

AuthorEddage, Bumpaneer

Download Link: Unity 

Download and Install Mimic

 You will quickly see the resemblance to two of greatest skins, Aeon Nox and re-Focus if you have ever used those skins. I loved the feature set and clear navigation so I recommend this skin to both Android and Firestick users.
Author:  Braz

Download Link: Mimic

3. Aeon Nox :

Aeon Nox Kodi Skin
Aeon Nox, I have used this skin for long time and without doubt its favorite of most of us. Skin Completely redesigned to create a modern look, while retaining the classic Aeon feel. You should try this awesome skin once for Android and Firestick. I’m sure you will love this skin.
Author: BigNoid
Download Link: Aeon Nox

4. Pellucid :

Pellucid - One of the Best Kodi Skin 2018

theDeadman, Author of Skin came with one of best and unique skin. Built for the living room, Pellucid is a clean and simple Kodi experience designed for maximum usability and minimum fuss. Skin Shortcuts addon support is available for full menu customization.

Download Link: Pellucid

5. Black Glass Nova :

Download Black Glass Nova Kodi Skin
Ported from Media Portal, Black Glass Nova is easy to use and fan art oriented skin designed for Full HD TV screens. Skin support artwork downloader, Skin Widget, Custom home items and many other features. This can be best for Firestick device.
Author: Tgx

Download Link: Black Glass Nova

6. Nebula :

Install Nebula Skin

Easy to handle navigation and user-friendly layout makes theme simple and unique. As per author’s view skin is fully featured and made for Full HD TV with both light and dark color to use. You’ll get best of skin on Firestick compare to smaller device.

Author: Tgx

Download link: Nebula 

7. Confluence :

Confluence Download and Install for Kodi

The concept of Confluence taken from much popular skin for makes it easy to use and understand for not experienced user. Skin was the default for old Kodi version. Try this skin if you are newbie on the world of Kodi.

AuthorJezz_XTeam Kodi

Download Link: Confluence 

8. Amber :

Download and Install Amber Kodi Skin

Amber offers unique customization with great looks. If you love to use a vertical home menu like default skin then go with Amber. Skin is easy to use and understand with lots of amazing features.

AuthorJesterJoe thepartylionPecinko

Download Link: Amber 

9. Chroma :

Download and Install Chroma Skin

Author Tgx came with third skin called Chroma. As we mentioned in Nebula these skins are made for bigger display. Some users do not accept this skin on the android device actually they are right but they should understand that skin is not bad for the bigger display.

Author: Tg

Download LinkChroma 

10. Titan :

Install Titan Kodi Skin

Titan is one of the popular skins available on Kodi and offers easy customization feature with the user-friendly interface. You will get best of skin on Firestick.


Download Link: Titan 

11. Bello 6 :

Bello 6 Kodi Skin - Download and Install

The 6th generation of Bello is aiming to maximize your Kodi entertainment experience with its NEW Unique, Clean and Elegant interface while providing users a high customization level and lots of cool features.

Author:  Nessus

 Download LinkBello 6

12. Horizon :

Horizon - Download and Install on Kodi

Horizon is a vertical skin designed to make as much content as possible available on a fully customizable home screen. Horizon uses soft gradients and pixel highlights.


Download Link: Horizon

13. Grid :

Grid Skin - Install on Kodi

Grid is Clear, bold and functional elegance skin. Works fine on all type of devices.


Download Link: Grid 

Thank you.

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