Best Kodi Alternatives (August 2019)


With Kodi dabbling with legal battles and several add-ons issues it is time to know about the Best Kodi AlternativesKodi has landed into several legal affairs in a short span of time. One of the major reasons why the authorities are hell bent of limiting if not restricting Kodi is the inclusion of third-party add-ons.

These additional inclusions into the main software allow for the streaming of pirated content directly through the torrents. And Piracy is not favored all around. A simple error with Kodi Add-on means that you would have to reinstall it. Keeping in mind these and other issues, here are the best 6 alternatives to Kodi just for you. Below listed apps are compatible with almost all devices. Smart TV users make sure to check Best Samsung Smart TV Apps.

Best Kodi Alternatives (August 2019)

From past few years especially after Exodus went down, Kodi seems like a lost cause. Several problems have been reported like addons are not working, sudden app crashes, buffering issues with streams. These issues are frustrating and they take a lot of time and research to be fixed. All of this takes the fun out of Kodi and forces to find Kodi Replacement. So, here are the best Kodi alternatives which can match if not exceed the expectation set upon by Kodi.

1. Stremio

2. Cinema HD

3. Cyberflix TV

4. Plex

5. Emby

6. Media Portal

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Best Kodi Alternatives 2019


Amazing dashboard, informative home screen, and an attractive user interface. These are the three features that best describe Streamio. Starting from the first step, you need to make an account (which is fairly easy) on Streamio.

Plus, it has a few additional features than our subject streaming service. Its functionality to add subtitles, and view the casting information makes it a little better than Kodi.

A big difference between Kodi and Streamio is that none of the Add-Ons in Streamio are added on your computer. And that is why Streamio is the best Kodi alternatives and is the first choice of a lot of users.

Best Stremio Addons 2019

More importantly, Streamio provides high-quality links to your video, TV show or even a movie. Plus, except Youtube, Streamio will redirect you to the add-on’s website. This makes it even more secure and safer as it won’t share your login details with any of these online platforms. It has a feature where you will be notified on the dashboard itself about the arrival of the next episode of your fav TV show. (And I reckon GOT is not anymore on that list).

Cinema HD

Cinema HD is on the list of best alternatives to Kodi because it only streams HD content, hence the name. Consider it as a bridge between HD movies spread all across the web and it connects you to the right link.

Another amazing feature is the extent of its library. CinemaHD has a big library. Above that, it is updated frequently. The interface is where differences arrive. Some say it is too simple and for others, simplicity is its best feature.

Cinema HD - HDMovies App

Cinema HD is the best Kodi replacement even though its usage is restricted to Android devices. This is because it can be connected with Firestick devices. This provides a similar experience of viewing your desired movies and TV shows on the big screen as it is with Streamio.

A number of additional features have been added after its recent update. This includes the integration of Youtube and other online streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. This makes Cinema HD an all in one streaming service on the lines of Streamio but better. Always use a VPN service with Cinema APK.

Cyberflix TV

Yet another best alternative, Cyberflix TV represents a good collection of media. There are a lot of movies and TV shows ready to be streamed online. The process is similar to that of Cinema HD. It acquires the content from authentic service providers before running them on your device.

You can certainly use it with Firestick and connect it with the TV. More importantly, Cyberflix TV has a simple and interactive design. There are no mixed-up dashboards at all.

Cyberflix TV For Android

It supports multiple languages for subtitles and has HD quality content ready to be streamed. There isn’t much storage space required with Cyberflix TV. It is easy to use and operate and that is all that matters. Isn’t It?


With Plex, you can load your locally stored media on multiple devices simultaneously over the same network. This amazing aspect alone makes it the next best Kodi alternatives in 2019.

There are two versions of Plex, the free and the paid subscription. It can run on almost every operating system starting from Windows to Roku and everything in between. And this includes Linux too.

It is also said that Plex is the closest you can come to using Kodi as it has many similar features. What’s better in Plex is the amazing home theatre system enabled user interface. This gives you direct access to your own media library. And will let you manage it from the main screen.

On the security side, Plex is made secure by DigiCert. A US-based digital Security organization. The future plans of Plex include adding support for free-ad supported movies streaming.


The best part first, it has parental control which is made possible through DLNA home devices connectivity. Everything that you wish to do with your phone (not iOS), TV, router, PC, and tablet is connected through DLNA. Similar to Kodi it is also open-source.

What puts it in this list is the live TV feature and the DVR recording capability. While streaming content you can also search for subtitles, something which comes included in other similar platforms.

Emby is available to use on almost all the media devices that we operate. Even better is that it will transcode the files as per the device on which you wish to play. That way, Emby becomes a smart media streaming service.

The premium version of Emby does have features like server restore and some additional content viewing options.

Media Portal

Although this media streaming service is only available for Windows operating systems. There is nothing stopping it be one of the best Kodi replacement.

It does not have a limit when it comes to playing media content from your hard drive. Blu-rays, DVDs, and whatnot. Plus, it can stream radio, podcasts, and live music from various channels.

Turn your TV or home theatre into a custom movie cinema with Media portal. If that’s not all. There are a lot of add-ons available for this streaming service which are there to only improve your user experience.

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