12 Best Working Kodi addons after Shut down of Covenant


Hey guys, today we are back with 12 Best Working Kodi addons as on May 2018.  Covenant was best and only choice for us after the death of Exodus but now we lost covenant too because of the anti-piracy alliance.

In this bad time we have seen entries of many new addons but seems that they do not know our taste proper. Still, some old repos like Noobs and Nerds, Team ZT and Glass repository are working and that all together can full fill lack of covenant. Here we have listed 12 Best working Kodi addons which include some old or some new addons.

12 Best Working Kodi addons as on December 2017

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List of 12 Best Working Kodi addons May 2018 :

1.  Neptune Rising

2.  Placenta 

3.  Sports365

4.  Reptilia

5.  Predator

6.  Fantastic 

7.  Pyramid 

8.  Bob Unleashed

9.  Elysium 

10.  Genesis Reborn

11. Rebirth 2017

12. Release Hub

NOTE: Many addons from this list are 3rd party addons and not supported by the Kodi Team and so do not try to post questions related to these addons on the Kodi Official Forums. 

1. Neptune Rising :

How to install Neptune Rising Kodi addon on Krypton

Developed by Mr. Blamo, Neptune Rising is a fork of top Kodi addon Poseidon with more functionality. Addon scraps links from Trakt, Real Debrid, and Alluc. You can try this good one addon for TV Shows and Movies.

2. Placenta :

How to Install Placenta Kodi addon

Blamo Repository comes with another fork addon after Neptune Rising. Placenta is covenant fork with huge amount of streaming sources. Like Neptune Rising, this fork addon also includes different scraper like Real Debrid, Alluc, Trakt, and TMDB.

Here is the guide for How to Install Placenta on Kodi Krypton:

3. Sports365 Live :

How to Install Sports365 Live Kodi addon on Krypton and Firestick

Sports365.live, one of the most popular sources to stream sports like Football, Tennis, Hockey, Rugby and other is now available on Kodi. Quality of the content on the addon is just awesome.

Here is the guide for How to Install Sports365 Live on Kodi Krypton:

4. Reptilia :

How to Install Reptilia Kodi addon on Krypton & firestick

Android Boy Repository is back with just another exodus fork addon after Predator and Overwatch. Menu, Layout and other things of the addon are the exactly what we have seen in the Android Boy’s previous addons.

Here is the guide for How to Install Reptilia on Kodi Krypton:

5. Predator :

How to Install Predator Kodi addon on Krypton and Firestick

Another day and Another Fork. Predator from Android Boy Repository is a good one fork of popular Exodus. You will have Trakt, Real Debrid, and other multi-source scrapers to use on the addon.

Here is the guide for How to Install Predator on Kodi Krypton:

 6. Fantastic :

Fantastic is a new Kodi video addon from Firestickplusman. It is a Fork of Exodus / Covenant with good links.

Here is the guide for How to Install Fantastic on Kodi Krypton:

7. Pyramid :

How to install Pyramid kodi addon on krypton

The Pyramid is popular Kodi addon from Zero Tolerance Repository also know as Team ZT. Addon comes with a different section like KidsMoviesDocumentary ZoneKodiMusic,  Sports,  Radio, and TV.

Here is the guide for How to Install Pyramid on Kodi Krypton:

8. Bob Unleashed :

Bob Unleashed Kodi

Bob Unleashed is one of from 12 best working Kodi addons and allows you to watch/stream an absolutely huge amount of movies, music, sport, documentaries and more.

Here is the guide for How to Install Bob Unleashed on Kodi Krypton:

9. Elysium :

Elysium Kodi

The Elysium Kodi addon is the rebranded Zen addon, formerly developed by Schism. After Schism retired from developing the addon, the Noobs and Nerds community decided to step up and continue development on it. To avoid confusion in the name and give Schism a break from the question, the addon has been rebranded as Elysium going forward.

Here is the guide for How to Install Elysium on Kodi Krypton:

10. Genesis Reborn :

Genesis Reborn offers a significant amount of TV and movie streaming options for Kodi users, providing a unique amount of streaming options.From the ashes of Genesis, a new add-on was born and named Genesis Reborn. With enhanced features and updated links,

Here is the guide for How to Install Genesis Reborn on Kodi Krypton:

11. Rebirth 2017 :

How to install Rebirth 2017 Kodi addon on krypton

Rebirth 2017 is popular Kodi addon from Cypher Locker Repository. With few changes in the layout, Rebirth is a fork of the most popular exodus with some new code. Still, now addon is working well.

Here is the guide for How to Install Rebirth 2017 on Kodi Krypton:

12. Release Hub :

Release Hub Kodi

Release Hub is popular Kodi addon associate with Real DebridColossus Repository is now dead so we will go with Entertainment Repository. Addon includes the section like HD movies, TV Shows, Sports like MMA and WWE and Music.

Here is the guide for How to Install Release Hub on Kodi Krypton:

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That’s all for now. I’ll back with some new Useful Stuff.

Thank you.

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  2. Most of these repositories have been shut down as of March 8, 2018. Of the remaining repos, the best and most complete is the Kodil repo. Stream Army was still working as of today, but not a whole lot of choice there. Everyone is either being sued or scared out of business, so I would make my own backup if I was you, folks!


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