Best Working Live TV Kodi Addons for July 2024


Hey guys, we are back with Best Working Live TV Kodi Addons for July 2024. Finding an app to watch Live TV is always difficult and if you find out anyway, you might need to mess up with the buffering and other issues. Same things work with Kodi, If you got one good addon, it will shut down or stop working after some time and that has been a scenario of Kodi addons since years.

Well, Still some addons are constant and working fine and thus here we have listed some best working live tv Kodi addons with guide link. If you are looking for any premium IPTV services, Area 51 IPTV and Helix IPTV can fulfill your need with just 5$ per month.

Best Working Live tv Kodi addons as on December 2017

Best Working Live TV Kodi Addons Kodi Firestick (July 2024)

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1. Eternal TV (Premium)

2. Selfless

3. Deceit

4. The Crew

5. Mobdro 

NOTE: Many addons from this list are 3rd party addons and not supported by the Kodi Team and so do not try to post questions related to these addons on the Kodi Official Forums.

1. Eternal TV:

Eternal TV Review - Android, Firestick and Kodi

You might wonder why we have listed Eternal TV is here. Well, there is a reason behind this move. Providing quality Live TV addons has been always a tough task for Kodi developers and Nowadays, it becomes very difficult. Currently, there are very few addons that provides quality streams which however are not stable. This leaves us nothing but put the premium option.

Eternal TV is the latest popular IPTV service offers more than 2000 channels from around the world. Subscribing Eternal TV has its own benefits especially if you are using Firestick, it may help you a lot as it has a separate app for Firestick which promises some spectacular live streaming. You can also use Eternal TV Kodi Addon to get the same.

2. Selfless:

How to Install Selfless Kodi addon on Krypton & Firestick

Self Less is not only a live TV add-on for Kodi; it is also an impressive IPTV. It offers TV shows and movies from six different content providers. This wide delivery has earned it a spot on the list of the IPTV applications with the most comprehensive and extensive collections of channels.

An even more impressive fact is that all the channels that Self Less Live offers all work perfectly. You only have to choose one, and in a couple of seconds, the live stream starts. If you think that it may be difficult to use an add-on that offers so much as Self Less Live does, you are wrong. Self Less Live is easy to install, and it is quite fast in terms of performance. To use Self Less Live add-on with your Kodi player, first, install the Kodi Ghost repository and then install Self Less Live.

Selfless Kodi Addon 

3. Deceit:

How to Install Deceit Kodi addon on Krypton Firestick

Deceit Add-on is a live TV add-on that has been around for a while. Its developers have changed a couple of times with different changes to the add-on itself every time it was changed. Currently, Deceit looks pleasing to the eye and is no doubt one of the Kodi live TV add-ons that you will enjoy using.

It features a variety of content spanning different categories and genres. You’ll find the category named “Live TV,” where there are eight content providers offering content at every hour on a daily basis. Swift-Streamz is one of the content providers in Deceit add-on, and it offers several options running into hundreds.

The television channels that you will find in Deceit add-on are all in categories based on their countries of origin; therefore, the channels are easy to find. Deceit add-on is available on the OneNation Repository.

How to Install Deceit Kodi Addon

4. The Crew

The Crew is a new live TV Kodi add-on, and it has impressed so much since its release that it can be classified as one of the best live TV add-ons. It features tons of interesting content ranging from cartoons to movies and TV shows. There is also an IPTV segment where you can find interesting content as well.

The Crew’s IPTV segment features seven sources of live TV channels, which all combine to deliver thousands of television channels from different parts of the world. If you try a link and it does not work, you only need to try another link, and it will more than likely work. Overall, The Crew is one of the best Kodi Live TV add-ons that you should try. You will need to download its repository before installing The Crew Add-on.

5. Mobdro :

Mobdro has taken the world by storm and is being called Kodi killer, Kodi replacement and what not by the British media. They even did a write up on Mobdro with all the facts screwed up, which we took apart here. Mobdro lets you access hundreds of channels for free. Currently, You can consider Mobdro as the best live TV Kodi addon.

Mobdro Kodi Addon 

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