13 Best Kodi addons for Sports – March 2018


Hey guys, today we are going to talk about Best Kodi addons for sport. Like me, most of us are hardcore sports lover. Here we will talk about 13 best Kodi addons for sport to watch live sports channels or sports video on Kodi.

13 Best Kodi addons for Sport to Watch Sports channels on Kodi.

NOTE : Many addons from this list are 3rd party addons and not supported by the Kodi Team and so do not try to post questions related to these addons on the Kodi Official Forums. 

Best Kodi addons for Sports – March 2018 :

  1. Sportsdevil
  2. Sportie
  3. USTVNow
  4. Covenant
  5. Pro Sport
  6. BBC iPlayer
  7. Wrestling on Demand
  8. Rising Tides
  9. Deliverance
  10. Halow Live TV
  11. Quantum (Sanctuary)
  12. cCloud TV
  13. Sports World

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1. Sportsdevil


Best Kodi Addons for Sport


We will start with most popular Sportsdevil. SportsDevil addon is a free provider of live Sports and covers such a wide range, such as NFL games (all seasons) including NFL Redzone, all English Premier League Soccer/UK FootballBoxingUFCWrestling PPVLive Baseball etc.

Here is the guide for How to Install Sportsdevil on Kodi Krypton/Jarvis: 

2. Sportie

How to Install Sportie Kodi

Second addon of the list is the Sportie. The Sportie Kodi addon is worth a check for live sports, especially with the lack of updates from both Castaway and Pro Sport in 2017.

Sportie Addon is all about sports like boxing, soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, and MMA.  You not need much configuration when you are using Sportie.

Here is the guide for How to Install Sportie on Kodi Krypton / Jarvis: 

3. USTVNow

USTVNow Kodi

USTVNow Kodi is an IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) service for American expats and members of the American military. 

USTVNow is an official streaming channel that offers free live streaming of popular US TV channels outside USA. The line-up includes ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CW TV, POC, and My9.

Here is the guide for How to Install USTVNow on Kodi Krypton:

4. Covenant

Covenant Kodi

4th Addon of the list is Covenant and i don’t need to introduce because all of you are know covenant very well after Exodus is no longer available. The new Covenant addon promises to improve upon its predecessor while keeping the same functionality and most of the same design.

Here is the guide for How to Install Covenant on Kodi Krypton:

5. Pro Sport

how to update pro sport kodi

Pro Sport is an add-on with live streams for NBA, NHL, MLB and a lot of more streams.The primary feature on this addon is the fact that you can access live games. Games for NHLNBANFL, and MLB are all are posted under each category ahead of time, giving you the exact start time.

Here is the guide for How to Install Pro Sport on Kodi Krypton:

6. BBC iPlayer


BBC iPlayer Kodi


The BBC offers a lot of great content and has done so for some time now. British comedies are internationally well-renowned, as are the many nature and science documentaries put out by the BBC.

Here is the guide for How to Install BBC iPlayer on Kodi Krypton:

7. Wrestling on Demand


Wrestling on-Demand also know as WWE on demand is great news for all your WWE Wrestling fans. PBear90 has put together WWE On-Demand and this is a compilation of everything from youtube videos to the Classic PPV events.

Wrestling On Demand , an amazing add-on from PBear, for Top-Quality WWE content. Excellent work from the developer that brings to wrestling fans everything they asked for, with sections such as WWE Live Network, Latest Shows, Classics, Documentaries, WrestlemaniaWWE on Youtube and many more.

Here is the guide for How to Install Wrestling on-Demand on Kodi Krypton:

8. Rising Tides

Rising Tides Kodi

Rising Tides looks a very promising add-on to the scene from a new developer. It has a solid choice for sports and IPTV and is stacked to the rafters with some great looking sports sections including sports highlights.

If you are looking for an IPTV Kodi add-on that actually works, Rising Tides is definitely worth checking out. Not only do most links works, but all channels are also neatly categorized, making it easy to find your favorite sports channels or sporting event.

Here is the guide for How to Install Rising Tides on Kodi Krypton:

9. Deliverance 

How to Install Deliverance Kodi addon on Krypton

A sporting add-on from Paul Aspden who brought us the hugely popular and not to mention very reliable Lily Sports. He has made a stand alone add-on breaking away from Tigens world this time and if his previous addons are anything to go by, this will be a cracker too.

Here is the guide for How to Install Deliverance on Kodi Krypton:

10. Halow Live TV

Halow Live Tv kodi krypton

Halow Live TV offers all sorts of varied content, and not just in English. It has categories for Country Channels, Match day, Live Sport,Movies, 24/7 Shows, Music TV, YouTube, Kids Movies, Sports ReplayFilmOn TV, Radio, Playlists, Ace Streams and Latest News.

Halow Live TV has been gaining massive fans due to its live streaming of sports. This add-on is not dependent on the assistance of SportsDevil as most sports add-on would require.

Here is the guide for How to Install Halow Live TV on Kodi Krypton:

11. Quantum

Sanctuary Kodi has been re branded as Quantum for Kodi. The addon serves as an all-in-one solution that has something for everyone. A great all in one mega add-on is available and it’s a beauty. Formally in the Origin Repo this add-on has now been taken over by new management and rebranded. Some well known add-ons have been merged into one and the result is fantastic.

The addon will give you access to content from playlisters including and not limited to Oblivious, Supremacy, Pyramid and Fido. Basically, it will include any and all that are willing to contribute content covering sections like documentaries, live TV, music, sports, movies, TV shows and so on.

Here is the guide for How to Install Sanctuary on Kodi Krypton:

12. cCloud Tv

Popular IPTV service cCloud is a great IPTV Stalker replacement. cCloud has been around for a while and now has a Kodi cCloud add-on.cCloud is a team dedicated to making sure that IPTV stream links are kept live and up to date.

Here is the guide for How to Install cCloud TV on Kodi Krypton:

13. Sports World

how to download sports world kodi

The Sports World Kodi addon has been updated to 1.5 with a refresh of its content.The addon is sorted by Sports Channels, which give you individual channels, and by different sports. Included is American Football, Football (Soccer), Rugby, Tennis, Boxing, Hockey, MMA, and many more.

Here is the guide for How to Install Sports World on Kodi Krypton:

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