How to Install Kodi on Chromecast using Android, PC or Mac.


Hey guys, today we are going to talk about How to Install Kodi on Chromecast. This guide is for kodi addicted users who always love to watch or stream kodi content. There is no possible direct way to connect kodi to chromecast but we have three different alternative method for cast kodi to Chromecast.

By using one of the three method you can stream kodi on bigger platform. One more thing, you can not connect kodi to chromecast through Iphone device so if you are here for that then this is not for you.

We have two method through android device and one through PC or Mac. Here is it how

  • Using Kodi in the background on your android device (Recommend Method)
  • Using Chromecast app on your android device
  • Using Chromecast app on your PC or Mac device


How to Install Kodi on Chromecast



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How to Cast Kodi from Android to TV / Chromecast 

1. Using Kodi in the background on your android device (Recommend Method) :

We recommend to use this method because this method will save your device’s battery life. This is long method in compare to other two but at the end this will be best method for you and Install Kodi on Chromecast Stick.

Require apps and file for this method :

You’ll need ES File Explorer, Kodi and LocalCast Apps Installed on your android device.

Download PlayerFactoryCore.xml File by Clicking here.

Follow these steps after completing above task.

Step 1 :  

  • Open ES File Explorer
  • Go to Setting menu
  • Select Display Setting
  • Find and enable Show hidden files 

Step 2 :

  • Go to Download Folder
  • Copy this file PlayerFactoryCore.xml
  • Follow this path Android >>>> Data >>>>> org.xbmc.kodi  >>>> Files >>>> .Kodi  >>>>> Userdata Folder
  • Paste the copied file on Userdata Folder

Step 3 :

  • Open Kodi and Play any video. Now Kodi will automatically load Local cast which you have already installed. [Kodi will ask if you have more casting apps installed]
  • Now choose your Chromecast device and select Play  [Use add to queue if you want to add video on playlist]
  • You should minimize Localcast app and Lock the device for long battery life and You’re Done

2. Using Chromecast app on your android device :

This is very simple method for connect kodi to chromecast.

Require apps for this method :

You’ll need Kodi and official Google cast apps installed on your android device

Steps for guide :  

  • Open Google Cast app
  • Find main menu from top left side
  • Select Cast screen / audio
  • Ignore prompt and select Ok
  • Now select your chromecast device
  • Open Kodi and enjoy the Video  [Don’t take calls or lock screen during streaming]


3. Using Chromecast app on your PC or Mac device :

Require apps for this method :

Install Kodi on PC or Mac by clicking here

Install Google chrome by clicking here

Download Google Cast Chrome extension by clicking here

Install Chromecast Client [For windows user and only if you are first time] by clicking here

Steps for Guide : 

  • Open Chrome
  • Click on Google Cast extension
  • Click on Cast
  • Click Cast this tab too….
  • Find and Select Cast screen/window (experimental)
  • Open Kodi and You’re done.


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That’s all for now. I’ll back with some new useful stuff.

Thank you….


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