How to Install & Setup ExpressVPN on Firestick


We will look at the step-by-step process of installing ExpressVPN on FireStick in this article. ExpressVPN is one of the best and most recommended VPN app for Firestick, and it is easy to download, install and set up. It is a great app to have as it helps change your public IP address and hides your activities on the internet.

It gives you a virtual IP address in case anyone tries to monitor your activities while you stream content or if you cannot access content due to location restrictions. With Amazon Firestick, you can stream IPTV content on a regular television through its HDMI port. You only need to plug your Firestick device to your TV and start streaming any content from the internet.

How to Install ExpressVPN on Firestick

You can also use Firestick with your smart TV if you wish. Firestick runs on a modified Android OS version called Fire OS, and it gives you access to the top streaming platforms such as Kodi, HBO, Netflix, Hulu as well as other movie streaming platforms. However, some platforms will not allow you to stream from specific locations and that’s why you need a VPN to bypass these restrictions.

Netflix, for instance, does not allow streaming from some locations and ExpressVPN has been tested and proven to be the only VPN application that can bypass this. There are also some Firestick applications that provide streaming links with copyright protection. This is illegal in many places and to protect yourself from law enforcement; it is advised that you use a VPN so that your IP address will not be visible.


  • It supports all the major mobile operating system platforms.’
  • ExpressVPN offers both unlimited server switches and bandwidth.
  • It offers three simultaneous connections.
  • No activity logs, which means it does not record your online activities.
  • It features 99.99% uptime and the best-in-class encryption.
  • ExpressVPN also features PPTP, OpenVPN, SSTP and L2TP-IPsec.
  • There is customer support available 24/7 to attend to your requests and complaints.
  • It features a kill switch and split tunneling.
Legal Notice: We ( are strongly against content piracy, and we implore our readers to avoid it by all means.
Attention FireStick Users: Read before you continue

Your IP address, can be seen by anyone right now. My strong recommendation is to get a reliable VPN so that you can hide your identity and protect your privacy from ISPs, Hackers, App or Addon developers while streaming online.

I recommend ExpressVPN as that is what I use, and it is the most secure VPN that you can use on your Firestick. They have 30-day money-back guarantee in case you do not enjoy their service. There is currently a special deal where you Get 49% Off + 3 Months Extra with ExpressVPN 1 year plan.

How to Install & Setup ExpressVPN on Firestick 

First of all, Make sure to Sign up for ExpressVPN account from here if you haven’t done yet.

#1: On your Firestick, go to “Search,” and type “ExpressVPN” into the search box and press “Ok” on your Firestick remote.

#2: Select “ExpressVPN” from the search results and click on “Download.”

#3: After downloading, select “Open.”

#4: When the app opens, click on “Sign in.”

#5: Now enter Email Address and Password of your ExpressVPN account and Click on Sign In.

#6: Wait for some seconds and then click on “Ok” on the screen prompt asking you to “Help improve ExpressVPN buy sending crash reports and other information.”

#7: Click on “Ok” on the “Set up your VPN” screen.

#8: On the next screen asking for a connection request, click on “Ok.”

#9: Choose your desired location.

#10: Click on the drop-down menu at the top left side of the screen.

#11: Select “Settings,” and then “Open VPN Protocol option.” Choose “Automatic.”

#12: Click on “Connect on Android Startup,” and Enable. This will provide you with complete privacy right from the moment you turn on your Firestick.


Privacy is important these days whenever you are using the internet with the problems of phishing, monitoring, hacking and spying by the government, ISPs, and hackers. A VPN provides you with all the privacy that you need.

Disclaimer: The applications, add-ons or services mentioned on this site are to be used at the discretion of users. We do not verify the legality of these apps, nor do we promote, link to or host streams with copyright protection. We are strongly against content piracy, and we implore our readers to avoid it by all means. Whenever we mention free streaming on our site, we are referring to content without copyright protection that is available to the public.


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